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Frequent Asked Questions



If I use Lingolook while traveling, will I be charged fora data/internet connection?
Never. Lingolook language applications reside on your device, which is a distinct advantage for travelers. Lingolook does not require any internet connectivity for use. Enjoy communicating with Lingolook applications wherever you travel around the world.

I just installed the Update, but now my screen is blank and the app doesn't work. What should I do?
Before installing an Update, you must remove/delete the existing application. Touch the application icon on your device until it flickers. Touch the X on the top left of the icon to delete it. In iTunes, remove the existing version of Lingolook from your iTunes Library. To install the new update, go to the App Store and download the app again. You will not be charged again. When you press "Buy", make sure to use the same ID from your previous purchase. iTunes will confirm your previous purchase and prompt you for the free download.

I don't hear anything. The audio doesn't work on my iPhone or iPad. What should I do?
Please ensure that your device is not in Silent Mode. The ringer button on your device must in the ON position in order for the application audio to be heard. You can then adjust the audio with the volume control.

I have an iPod Touch. I don't hear anything. What should I do?
For second generation iPod Touch, you can adjust sound effects within Settings. Choose General > Sounds and drag the slider. Or, simply adjust the audio with the volume control buttons on the side of the device. For first generation iPod Touch, adjust sound effects within Settings. Choose General > Sounds and select whether you want sound effects to play over the internal speaker, throughheadphones, or both. Note: when headphones are attached to the device, sound will only be heard via headphones.

I would still like some assistance. Can you help me?
We would be happy to help. Please send an email to lingolook@mac.com and we'll get back to you right away.